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Our Services

PlastoTech is a full service plastic and metal fabrication company offering a wide range of services to meet your demands. With over 40 years of experience, our professional and experienced staff of in house engineers and machinists are ready to address the most challenging designs. Over the years we have serviced aerospace, automotive, marine, bio-medical, commercial, entertainment, and home electronic industries

Design & Engineering Services:

  • Product Development

  • Contract Assembly

  • Medical Devices and Instruments

  • SolidWorks 

Electronic Design

  • Circuit Board

  • Firmware

  • Software

  • Control Panel

  • Touch Screen

  • CE Operating System Programming

Rapid Prototyping and 3D Scanning

  • We can fabricate working prototypes utilizing a combination of materials, or as a composite to simplify the construction of complex objects to a manageable, fast, and efficient process. This enables us to test the product before it is sent to production to ensure proper form, fit, and function. 

Mechanical Design:

  • Machine Design and Engineering

  • Fixture

  • Automatic Design

  • 3d Modeling

  • Animation

Assembly and Packaging:

  • Complete assembly facilities

  • In house packaging department


  • Clean room assembly capabilities

  • Certified Clean Room to ISO 7 

      (Class 10,000 cleanroom)


Today the KMI IMI GROUP is a vertically integrated company with extensive resources for innovative research and development, efficient manufacturing, and a strong global distribution capability. With our design team, we are able to design and develop products more specific to your needs. With our own California based manufacturing facilities located in Irvine, we are able to ensure the quality of every product we manufacture. 

If you require any additional information about our products, please visit

Adapter Plates

We carry a variety of stock adaptor plates designed for Audio-Video, Telecommunications, and Nurse Call Systems. Safety covers available as well. Custom orders available as well. Call 949-458-1897 for more details or to place an order.

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